Measures Your Bot Protection Score

BotMeNot is a bot protection score service that will run several tests on your Website to check your anti-bot protection and tell you how protected your website is from bots.

BotMeNot is currently being developed. Do you want to be notified when it’s ready for you to give it a go?

BotMeNot meter

Are you facing one of the following problems?

  • Your competitors are taking content from your website?
  • Your competitors are constantly monitoring your prices?
  • Your server is overloaded because of too much bot traffic? 
  • Bots trying to add fake user content to your website?
  • You’re investing in it, but not sure if your anti-bot protection actually works?

BotMeNot will be there for you problems:

  • Our bot tests will help you understand if your website is protected or not
  • (So you can go to your IT and give them clear score, including the evidence of scraped content)
  • (Or so you can compare how effective your protection is, compared to your competitors)
  • Sounds interesting? We’re looking for Beta users  

We have prepared a number of different bots to help you measure your website’s protection:



A very basic bot

How vulnerable is
your website?

This will be a tough test!

Running on a B2B site?
Specific protection?
Just let us know!

How BotMeNot works?

As a bot, we will run a number of tests on your Website, trying to catch its content.

Based on test results, you should improve your Website's protection.

Repeat 1+2 until you're happy with the results.

Coming soon - BotMeNot

We will help you measure the quality of your anti-bot protection.