Dec 2021 – Bot Protection of Websites – Top 10 List

BotMeNot’s bot protection tests are at the core of its functionality. They are designed to let you know how protected your (or anyone else’s) websites are. Once you do, you’ll be able to take further steps related to improving your website’s bot protection.

Bot protection is important because it can mitigate many of the negative effects that bot traffic can have on your website, such as slowing down its response times. This can further lead to intended users leaving your website and potentially heading over to a competitor of yours. It’s the last thing you want, right?

Currently, BotMeNot can run three different premade types of tests and a custom test (so four types in total), should you have a need for it. The way these tests work is that they simulate the behavior of bots on a website, with various complexity levels. So, in a way, the results you’re about to see are indicative of what a specific bot has accomplished to do on a tested website. 

Now, let’s cut to the chase – here are the Dec 2021 bot protection results! 

BotMeNot Bot Protection Test Results

#10 – Yelp

It seems surprising that a review platform as popular as Yelp scores so low on our bot protection test. Their messaging is focused on review integrity and reliability of their ratings. However, even with a low bot protection score, it’s still possible to uphold these values. For example, they could be committed to manually checking every posted review and not resorting to any automated solutions. 

#9 – justLikeAPI

JustLikeAPI is a tool that’s used for capturing client reviews and other information from various popular websites. It’s used in various different industries, among which are art & culture, home improvement, hospitality, medical services, and more.

#8 – TripAdvisor

Basically, most people who have traveled at least once, have checked TripAdvisor. Whether it is to check out a restaurant, hotel, or any other place, people refer to reviews of strangers on this platform. Interestingly enough, even though it’s that popular of a website, its bot protection score falls slightly below the mid-point. 

#7 – KMart

The world of eCommerce is rapidly growing. Simultaneously, it is a field where numerous types of bots are present. From price monitoring to making orders before everyone else, bot activity is very lifelike. This is why it’s very important to implement a good bot protection solution on an eCommerce platform. However, KMart falls below the 50 points mark and there are definitely things that it could improve in terms of bot protection. 

#6 – Bax Shop (DE)

We’ve already spoken about Bax-Shop once and how they fight bots. They have an inspiring story of how their online store came to be. However, it seems that Bax Shop’s bot protection varies both over time and based on where their servers are located. Their German domain is somewhat protected, but we know very well they can do much better.  

#5 – Gear4Music (DE)

Gear4Music is an online store that specializes in selling musical instruments and other musical equipment. They’re the first domain on this list that has a score higher than 50. This means that they are very well aware of the effects bots can have on their website and business. 

#4 – cDiscount 

You could say we’re in the big leagues now. And what a jump! From a score of 55, now we’re at 80. This means that as a very aware eCommerce platform, cDiscount is investing in bot protection much more than the previously mentioned websites. 

#3 – David Jones

Now we’re in the top 3! And only by a single point! The third position on our first bot protection ranking list is taken by DavidJones – an online store specializing in selling clothing for both men and women by various brands. As we’ve already said, the world of eCommerce is targeted by various types of bots and it only makes sense to implement a solid bot protection solution.

#2 – Idealo (DE)

The second place goes to Idealo! Or to be more specific its German domain. It may not come as a surprise that it’s coming from the world of eCommerce – but wait! It’s not an online store. It’s actually a price comparison platform that can be used by consumers to see the prices of the same product on different marketplaces.  

And now, for the website with the best results from BotMeNot’s first bot protection tests! Roll the drums…

#1 – PetCareRx

It’s PetCareRx! Who would have guessed that an online store specializing in selling supplies for pets would rank so highly on a bot protection test! Do not be surprised, however. They were founded in 1998, with a noble cause of helping pet owners treat their pets for a much more affordable price than usual. This longevity also means that they are aware of all the risks an unprotected eCommerce website carries. The bot protection score of 100 means that they’re basically impenetrable and that it would take a serious effort to perform any bot actions on their website. 


Today, if your website is vulnerable to bot attacks, it usually means that your whole business is at great risk, as well.

From damage to reputation and brand image to financial and more serious consequences – there are a plethora of reasons to look for a good bot protection solution.

However, every search for a good service of any kind, comes with a headache.

The good news is that BotMeNot can make that headache go away, at least when it comes to bot protection! 

With BotMeNot you’ll be able to test your website’s current bot protection and also test it once you’ve implemented a bot protection solution. Furthermore, you’ll be able to test your competitors’ bot protection levels and compare them with your own.

Best of all – BotMeNot can currently be used free of charge! It’s in its beta phase and anyone who’s interested can receive 100 FREE credits if they register as a beta user.