About us

BotMeNot is a service offered by WEBCentric, a Serbian software company dating back to 2005.
The story of BotMeNot actually starts with Price2Spy, another service of WEBCentric – launched back in 2011, which is one of the first and foremost services for monitoring online prices (either of one’s competitor’s or its distributors)
However, since we’re going so far into the future, let’s go chronologically

  • 2011 – Price2Spy service gets launched – monitoring only a hundred or so websites
  • 2012 – We experience first websites which make it hard for bots to capture their prices. We develop a mechanism to treat each such website in a custom way
  • 2013 – We start dealing with websites that are location-specific, and need to be scraped from a specific IP location
  • 2014 – We have a network of servers (we call them ‘workers’) in more than 20 countries
  • 2015 – We experience a new kind of anti-bot protection – where our IPs get blocked minutes after they are being used. We put Stealth IP traffic in place
  • 2016 – First encounter with websites that detect bots based on their on-page activity
  • 2017 – We start offering crawl/product data extraction services
  • 2018JustLikeAPI – a new service for scraping Review content is launched
  • 2019 – We already monitor more than 60K websites worldwide. Only 50 or so of them had protection we were not able to bypass
  • 2020 – Covid crisis. We see that we need to diversify our activities.
  • 2021 – Since we know so much about bots – can we help websites understand how exposed they are? A new idea is born – BotMeNot!
  • 2022 – BotMeNot and its parent company WEBCentric have been acquired by Total Specific Solutions.

Since all of the above services belong to the WEBCentric family, engineers who work on Price2Spy and JustLikeAPI (in order to bypass bot protection) are also be working on BotMeNot. This gives us an unprecedented edge in analyzing various kinds of bot protection available.

Ever since the Covid pandemic, most of us work remotely, so you will find us in our homes, all around Serbia 🙂
However, some of us still work from our head office in Belgrade – if you happen to pass by, you would be very welcome for a chat!