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A: Directly – no. Indirectly – yes, it will help you understand how vulnerable your site is, and whether it needs better protection.

A: Sure. Their anti-bot score will tell you how much they are investing into anti-bot protection.

A: BotMeNot will work on any kind of website – eCommerce, social networks, travel, news, sports sites.

A: Yes, if you provide login credentials, we will be happy to build a Custom Bot for you.

A: Yes, if you provide login credentials, we will be happy to build a Custom Bot for you.

A: If you use it to measure your own site’s protection levels, we recommend to use it after each change in protection setup. If you use it for checking competitors’ bot protection – we recommend doing it periodically (the more often, the better – so you can see if they are busy with protecting their site)

A: If you plan to use BotMeNot to test scraping of publicly available data – no. If you plan to use it for login sites, please check Terms and Conditions for registering an account on that Website. Please also read Price2Spy’s blog post on legal aspects of crawling (URL TO BE ENTERED).

A: The LightBot will simulate an old-generation bot visiting you website. The SmartBot will do it technologically more advanced way.

A: Depends on how much you’re eager to stop bots scraping your content. If you want to stop only low-end bots, then LightBot would do. If you really do care about your content, we’d recommend SmartBot.

A: You should use Custom Bot in case you’d like to test if bots can do real specific actions on your site (for example: logging in, making an order and similar custom actions)

A: Each request handled by your server will leave a trace in your logs. The point is – you will have a hard time distinguishing bot requests from regular human traffic. The same applies to requests BotMeNot will perform on your website.

A: No. They will have real hard time figuring out that there is a tool called BotMeNot, which probed their site. However, even if they do, they will never know on whose behalf we’re doing it.

A: No. Price2Spy will help you monitor your competitor’s prices in automated way. BotMeNot will help you understand if a website is vulnerable to bots.

A: It surely will. However, Price2Spy is a very versatile kind of bot, and it won’t be easy to completely block it. We will be happy to take on that challenge.

A: Not all bots are as good as Price2Spy. BotMeNot will help you increase your protection, which will be sufficient for most of the bots. In worst case scenario, you will make it more difficult / more expensive for your competitors to scrape the data from your website.

A: Unfortunately, no – BotMeNot and Price2Spy are 2 separate services. However, Price2Spy clients will get a discount for using BotMeNot, for sure.

A: No. We understand how sensitive BotMeNot data is, so we will never disclose any piece of data belonging to our clients. However, there is one exception – and that is Free Bot. Once you test a website using a Free Bot, we will publish the results for given website – but without any details indicating who performed the test.

A: Yes, but there are very very few websites will block BotMeNot with 100% accuracy. Just to give you an illustration – Price2Spy currently monitors prices on over 100K websites, and it has not been able to capture prices only on 50 or so websites in 10 years of operation. That is 0.05% of websites. In other words, we are able to capture data from 99.95% of websites.

A: It’s a kind of cat & mouse game. The websites are investing into anti-bot protection, and bots are investing into staying undetected (or bypassing that protection). Price2Spy is in that game for 10 tears. BotMeNot should help you understand where your, and your competitor websites are in that game.

A: We think it’s fun, and we hope there will be no end, at least not in foreseeable future 🙂