Our services

In essence, BotMeNot will test your website’s bot protection, by executing a Test.
Depending on the type of the Test BotMeNot will send a number of different requests to your website.
These requests will be conducted from a number of different IPs (again, depending on the Test type), signed with a number of different User Agents, directed at a number of URLs on your website.

The requests will be conducted in a relatively short timeframe (depending on the test type) but with randomized delays between requests – in order to better mimic the behavior of real bots.

What you will get from us is:

Your overall bot protection score on a scale from 0 to 100
List of requests, with an indication of IP and UserAgent, Used, and the outcome of the request (was BotMeNot able to scrape content from your website or not)
Evidence of the scraping done,  in 2 different forms
  • Textual pieces of content scraped from your website
  • Screenshots that the bot took from your website

Executing Tests Automatically

You are welcome to automate Test execution. This will enable you to check, at regular intervals, if your website protection levels have increased or not.
Further, some bot-protections are of statistical nature, and some of them even apply Machine Learning techniques – executing BotMeNot tests periodically will help you understand if such deep learning algorithms are effective or not

BotMeNot tests can be executed at the following intervals

How much does it cost?

The cost of our services is calculated in Credits. Each Test executed will cost you X Credits.
Each new user will receive a small welcome bonus in order to see how BotMeNot works in action!

1 Credit comes with the price of 10 USD




Starter bot – 1 credit





Light bot – 5 credits





Smart bot – 25 credits


Please email us for a quote

Discounts for Automated test executions

Let’s do a couple of sample calculations together:

Automated test frequency Discount
Daily 80% discount
Bi-weekly 50% discount
Weekly 65% discount
Monthly 30% discount
Quarterly 15% discount
Annual 5% discount
  • A: First month 5 credits = 50 USD . Each next month : 5 credits with 30% discount = 35 USD
  • A: First week 25 credits = 250 USD . Each next week : 25 credits with 65% discount = 87.5 USD