Measures Your Bot Protection Score

BotMeNot meter

How good is your anti-bot protection?

Are you facing one of the following problems?

  • Your competitors are taking content from your website?
  • Your competitors are constantly monitoring your prices?
  • Your server is overloaded because of too much bot traffic? 
  • Bots trying to add fake user content to your website?
  • You’re investing in it, but not sure if your anti-bot protection actually works?

BotMeNot service is meant to go live in a few months' time

Would you like to be informed once it’s ready for your trial? Please leave your  email bellow, and we will get back to you real soon!

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How does it work?

As a bot, we will run a number of tests on your Website, trying to catch its content.

Based on test results, you should improve your Website's protection.

Repeat 1+2 until you're happy with the results.

Coming soon - BotMeNot

We will help you measure the quality of your anti-bot protection.