How good is your website's
bot protection

BotMeNot is a bot protection score service that will run several tests on your Website to check your bot protection and tell you how protected your website is from bots.

Coming soon - BotMeNot

We will help you measure the quality of your anti-bot protection.

BotMeNot is currently being developed. Leave your email below and we’ll invite you to the private beta as soon as it’s ready! 


As a bot, we will run a number of tests on your Website, trying to catch its content.

Based on test results, you should improve your Website's protection.

Repeat 1+2 until you're happy with the results.


Are you facing one of the following problems?

  • Competitors are taking content from your website?
  • Competitors are constantly monitoring your prices?
  • Bot traffic overloads your server?
  • Bots trying to add fake user content to your website?
  • You’re investing in it, but not sure if your bot protection actually works?

BotMeNot will be there for you

  • Our bot tests will help you understand if your website is protected or not.
  • So, you can go to your IT and give them a clear score, and the evidence of scraped content.
  • You will be able to compare how effective your bot protection is, compared to your competitors.
  • Sounds interesting? We’re looking for beta users!

We have prepared a number of different bots to help you measure your website’s protection:

Please note that each new user will receive a small welcome bonus in order to see how BotMeNot works in action!





Runs a simple free test.

1 credit = 10 USD


How vulnerable is
your website?

5 credits = 50 USD


This will be a tough test!

25 credits = 250 USD


Running on a B2B site?
Specific protection?
Just let us know!