Mar 2022 – Bot Protection of Websites – Top 10 List

March 2022 Bot Protection list is out! This time, we’ve decided to do something a little bit different. Namely, we’ve selected a specific niche of websites whose bot protection we’ve decided to test. And it’s a category where bots are going rampant. 

We’re talking about websites selling extremely coveted clothing and footwear items. Those items are afterward sold on secondary marketplaces at prices sometimes even 20000% over their MSRP. More commonly, these items are referred to as “hype releases”. 

Let’s get to the list – spoiler alert: the scores are very low.

March 2022 Bot Protection Top 10 List

March 2022 Bot Protection List Overview

10-8 — DSM, Palace, and Undefeated (score: 0)

Now you definitely know why you’re not able to purchase any highly coveted item from these websites. Bot Protection score of 0 means that there are no bot protection solutions installed. This further means that bots are free to do whatever they want on these websites. 

This includes placing orders, filling forms incredibly quickly, and other things that lead to the regular buyer being cartjacked. 

7 & 6 — BAPE and Union (score: 2)

Truth be told, there is not much reason to separate the previous three websites from these two. The bot protection scores of 0 and 2 don’t differ that much. You shouldn’t expect a significant difference when it comes to being able to make a purchase.

5 — A Ma Maniere (score: 4)

The bot protection score of 4 indicates that there exists a rudimentary form of bot protection. However, this is still far from enough for human buyers to be certain that their experience will be free of bot influence. On the contrary, the chances of bots making purchases on these websites are still extremely high.

4 — Tike! (score: 9)

A Serbian website that started out as a store for sneaker releases, now expanded to selling apparel, has a slightly better bot protection score compared to the 6 previous websites. Their bot protection may stop some of the most basic bots. These are the types of bots that don’t change their User-Agent or that use the same IP address. Everything more complex than that will most likely not be stopped. 

3 — Sivas des Calzo (score: 17)

Truthfully, this is probably the most anti-climactic entry into our top 3 list. Having a bot protection score of only 17 out of 100 is still very low. We would be generous if we said that this is a major improvement over the previously mentioned websites. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

2 — Supreme (score: 29)

And for our second place, a worldwide famous streewear brand gets past the 20-point mark and scores 29 on our bot protection test. It came as a slight surprise. On the one hand we definitely expect more from such a famous brand, and on the other hand, it’s a significant relative improvement compared to the other websites. 

1 — Off White (score: 70)

The first place on this list is taken by a brand that is commonly referred to as a mixture of streetwear and high fashion. Off-White’s online store is significantly more protected than the previously mentioned stores. We have to say, it’s very refreshing to see a website from this category taking bot protection seriously. Congratulations! 


If you’ve ever wondered what’s the reason behind the fact that you’re not able to purchase anything you want from these websites, here’s your answer. 

Their bot protection is extremely low. This means that real human visitors have no chance of outperforming bots when it comes to making large orders & doing it quickly (in a matter of milliseconds). 

There’s one exception, the Off-White website, where we can see some significant bot protection solutions present.

The most important thing, however, is that this can change. If you’re a website owner you can use BotMeNot to see your website’s bot protection score and identify its vulnerabilities.

If you’re a regular buyer, you can use BotMeNot (especially right now, while it’s still in Beta and free to use!) to see if a website has a high or low bot protection score.