Apr 2022 – Bot Protection of Websites – Top 10 List

Have you been noticing more spam content on the discussion forums you visit? Don’t worry if you have – you’re not alone. From trying to drive traffic to their website to trying to scam people, junk or spam content comes in numerous varieties. This is why we’ve decided to run our APR 2022 bot protection test on various discussion forums and see how they rank. 

APR 2022 Bot Protection List – Top 10

Here are the results and as you can see they can rought be divided into two parts. The first one would be the websites that ranked 20 and below, and the other would be the ones that ranked between 61 and 80. 

What does this mean? Let’s interpret the results of April 2022 Bot Protection List.

Bot Protection Score – 20 and below

This score range is the lowest range on our bot protection list. Websites with such a low bot protection score are very vulnerable to malicious bot activity. 

However, it’s not only the websites that are at risk. The users and visitors of those websites are as well.

Spam content can drive users off the website, and it’s easily recognizable. Also, bots can cause a large distortion in the statistics part of these websites.

For example, the number of readers of a certain story or a blog, or the number of votes a discussion has, are all possibly not genuine. It’s extremely difficult to tell with such a low bot protection score. 

This is especially true for websites such as StackOverflow, Ubuntu Forums, DEV Community, ProductHunt, and others, whose bot protection is rather disappointing. These are all very popular discussion forums. They should definitely put more emphasis on making sure that majority of the content that can be found on their websites is generated by real humans, and not bots. And as we’ve already said, this is done by improving your website’s bot protection.

Bot Protection Score – Between 61 and 80

This is our second-best bot protection score category. 

Being in this category means that your website has significant bot protection solutions installed and that they are, for the most part, working.

You and your visitors can have peace of mind when it comes to bot protection.

However, some advanced bots, such as professional web-scrapers, or malicious bot armies can still cause harm to these websites, if they really set their mind to it.

This is why it’s important to constantly monitor and update your website’s bot protection. 

We do believe that sites such as HackerNews and IndieHackers do recognize the importance of bot protection and are investing resources in it.

In the future, we’ll re-run our bot protection on these websites to see if they’ve improved, so make sure to stick around!


We always suggest that you should aim to have a bot protection score of at least 81 points and above.

This would mean that your website is as protected as it can be from bots.

If you want to find out how your (or any other) website ranks up compared to these websites (and others) feel free to use BotMeNot and run tests yourself!