Bot protection testing tool BotMeNot joins Total Specific Solutions

BotMeNot, a tool for measuring a website’s vulnerability to scraping bots, becomes a part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS). 

BotMeNot is a tool that is being developed by a team of both young and experienced developers. BotMeNot runs tests on websites and measures their vulnerability to scraping bots. It’s developed by the same team that has developed Price2Spy – and all within WEBCentric, their parent company – meaning that the relevant expertise will be applied in a new area.

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Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is a global provider of IT business solutions based in the Netherlands. TSS has over 109 independently managed software Business Units in Europe. TSS’s strategic guidance and experience gathered across many different industries and geographies helps companies become more efficient in delivering their products to specific vertical market segments. TSS has a great understanding of the dynamics of each vertical market where they operate – automotive, agriculture, healthcare, real estate, retail, hospitality, and many more. 

It’s important to note that BotMeNot will become the first company from Serbia to join TSS group.

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What makes TSS and BotMeNot such a good fit?

BotMeNot is an excellent addition to TSS portfolio of companies for several reasons. BotMeNot is a new tool on the market, with very few (if any) similarities to any other available tool. It’s being developed by a passionate and motivated team that has already worked in the field of web scraping. We firmly believe that the combined expertise of TSS and WEBCentric will help push BotMeNot to become an invaluable tool for all websites. 


What will change in BotMeNot’s everyday operation?

TSS has acquired a controlling stake in the business, with Mr Miša Krunić remaining on board as minority stakeholder. Mr Krunić will also remain the CEO of WEBCentric,  BotMeNot’s mother company. That means that BotMeNot’s users will continue to work with the same team and account managers as they are doing now. The only change that they can expect is that BotMeNot will become even better and bigger, with the help and guidance of TSS. 


Miša Krunić, Managing Director of WEBCentric: “Back in 2011, we started Price2Spy as a pure necessity – we needed to monitor our competitor’s prices, and there was no good tool on the offer. Over time, we have listened to our clients and continuously innovated the platform. eCommerce professionals across the globe want to know how their competitors price their products online. Being part of an international software group gives us the backing to further extend the foothold of our platform. As part of TSS, we expect to gain access to a myriad of best practices needed to take our business and organization to the next level. ”


Daniel Lar, Managing Director at TSS: “We are pleased to welcome our first Serbian company, WEBCentric, with its solution Price2Spy, to TSS. Price2Spy is an international price analysis solution with customers around the world. Miša Krunić started the company in 2005 and the online platform in 2011. The eCommerce business is highly competitive, and back then, there was no easy way to monitor the prices online, so  Price2Spy was developed to fulfill this need in the market. It is a real customer-centric company and thus a good match with our TSS approach. It started with three customers back in 2011 and now has hundreds of customers in many different countries, which is impressive. It made the company a perfect candidate to start a collaboration based on mutual ownership going forward, where Miša will stay on as a shareholder of the business. I am looking forward to working with Miša Krunić and the people at WEBCentric / Price2Spy.”


At BotMeNot, we are looking forward to being a part of the TSS group. Our customers expect constant improvements from us, and this cooperation will contribute to that. We are looking forward to new beginnings and starting this exciting journey!


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Managing Director



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Managing Director