Jun 2022 – Bot Protection of Websites – Top 10 List

Nowadays, some of the most talked-about sportswear brands are Adidas, Nike, New Balance, etc.

All of these household names have been on the market for decades. When it comes to improving their sports gear for athletes and their customers they have been at the top of their game. This isn’t something we want to dispute. 

However, from our perspective, we wanted to test how well protected their websites are against bots. To be more precise, we wanted to see if their bot protection is upheld to the same standard as their sportswear products are. 

We selected 10 websites of some of the most popular sportswear brands and ranked their bot protection scores. 

The results are surprisingly positive. Actually, the results are the best results we have had in our bot protection of websites series, yet. 

Just one final thing before we head over to our list. We have ran our tests on these brands’ US domains. Also, for every test, we’ve used our Smart Bot Protection Test. We did this so the results would be comparable and reliable. 

Here’s the June Bot Protection Score list! 

June Bot Protection Score List

Nike & Under Armour – 86/100 – 9th & 10th position

In our previous bot protection score rankings the highest score was (spoiler alert) 82. This month’s bot protection list starts off strong. Our lowest-ranked website this time has a bot protection score of 86

What a difference, huh? Could it be that the sportswear companies (especially the largest ones) have identified the importance of bot protection better than some other websites? 

It’s very likely, actually. Nike’s, Under Armour’s, and other sportswear companies’ profits depend on making sales, and making sales nowadays requires a smooth website experience for every visitor. 

A significant part of a user’s experience on a website comes from how quickly the website loads, are the listed items actually in stock, and can real humans make purchases before a programmed bot. 

New Balance & Puma – 89/100 – 7th & 8th position

New Balance and Puma have a slightly better score compared to the two previous websites.

This distinction for regular users may not mean much, but in the long run, every bot protection point matters.

Another interesting thing is that all of the website’s on our June Bot Protection List rank better compared to the websites that specialize in selling limited items, as we have seen in our Bot Protection Top 10 List for March.

Adidas – 90/100 – 6th position

Adidas’ score on our Bot Protection Top 10 List for June is 90. This means that our tests had significant difficulties getting data from Adidas’ website and even accessing it in the first place! 

As incredible as it is, we can also say that this score is expected from such a household name. This is especially true when we have in mind that the Adidas website is a website from which you can order items. 

They often have limited items available on their website up for sales, such as Yeezy or Pharrell Human Race sneakers and other apparel items.

These are some of the most coveted items nowadays, and there are numerous resellers aiming at them, together with the people who are buying the items to wear them. One of the advantages that resellers have compared to the regular customers are the auto-purchasing bots, that can make a purchase on a website in under a second. 

This is why it’s important to have a proper bot protection solution with a high bot protection score. 

Asics, Converse, Diadora, Hoka, and Reebok – 100/100 – Perfect Bot Protection Score

June Bot Protection Top 10 list is nothing short of miraculous. We actually have five (yes – five!) websites with a bot protection score of 100. 

In our previous Top 10 lists, we’d sometimes even be happy if we had one website with a score of 80 or above.

This time, things are much better. It seems like top sportswear companies actually put more emphasis on bot protection than even some technology-related websites.

Asics, Converse, Diadora, Hoka, and Reebok are all basically impenetrable when it comes to web scraping. 

All we can say is – good job and keep going! 

June Bot Protection Top 10 List – Concluison

What a list! Once we got the results of these tests we were amazed! 

We actually have a list of all 10 websites in bright green color (signifying a score of 81 and above). For a couple of minutes, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

This definitely sets a high bot protection standard for all the previous and upcoming lists. 

If you’re interested in seeing how your website compares to these websites (or any other website), make sure to use to opportunity while BotMeNot is still in beta and register and run tests for free. And also, as a welcome gift, we’re giving 100 bot protection testing credits to every beta user! 

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