Feb 2022 – Bot Protection of Websites – Top 10 List

The Feb 2022 bot protection scores are now published! We have decided, as a part of our ongoing series, to choose 10 websites, test their bot protection, and rank them accordingly!

In this month’s list, you may see that we’ve opted for more eCommerce websites than on our previous top 10 Bot Protection lists. This is due to a couple of reasons, but the main one is that eCommerce websites are at risk of suffering great losses if their website isn’t well protected. 

Just to name some: 

  • Slower response time of a website leading to a worse overall user experience (and potentially lower rankings on Google);
  • Price monitoring & scraping other types of available data;
  • Bots placing fake orders (and potentially resulting in certain items being unavailable to real customers).

Also, this month’s Bot Protection list shows how there’s not much correlation between the size of a website and the importance they give to bot protection. You’ll see how some of the smaller eCommerce websites have much better bot protection scores compared to some of the household names. 

Without further ado, let’s get to Feb 2022 Top 10 Bot Protection Score List! 

BotMeNot Bot Protection Test Results

#10 – StreetEasy (4/100)

StreetEasy is a platform for renting, buying, and selling apartments in New York City and New Jersey. The platform was launched back in 2006 and has grown tremendously over the years. However, it seems that their bot protection score is lacking.

#9 – ePonuda (7/100)

EPonuda is a Serbian website that aggregates prices for products from numerous online stores and lets its visitors find the cheapest option. It covers a wide variety of categories, ranging from tech, apparel, home appliances, food, and more. While there isn’t much in terms of actions that bots can perform on the website, with such a low score, they’re still at a risk of themselves being monitored or their response time being slowed down. 

#8 – Walmart (19/100)

Here comes the first major surprise on our list. Walmart is a household name in both the world of eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retailing. Any eCommerce website with such a low bot protection score, including Walmart’s, is always at a risk of malicious bot actions. These can range from fake orders and items being temporarily out of stock, to the so-called cartjacking.

Furthermore, with such an established presence in the world of eCommerce and retailing, the expectations are simply higher. It seems that Walmart should start taking its bot protection more seriously. 

#7 – Hulu (41/100)

Hulu is a widely known online streaming platform. It was launched back in 2007 and in terms of business growth, it came a long way. Now, you may think that a score of 41 is low, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but the matter is a bit more nuanced than that.

However, Hulu is not an eCommerce platform. They do have their own shop, but that’s a completely different website (which we may test in our next bot protection score list – so stay tuned!). This means that the risks they’re facing are not as severe and that it’s understandable why they may not prioritize improving their bot protection (which is at a relatively satisfactory level at the moment). 

#6 – BestBuy (49/100)

BestBuy is a chain of brick-and-mortar & eCommerce stores specializing in selling consumer electronics. For an eCommerce website such as theirs, a bot protection score of 49 can be thought of as bare minimum that an online store should have. It should probably be even higher, considering the size of their business and their online presence. It’s becoming increasingly important to let your customers know that they can make online purchases without having to worry about bots on your website.

#5 – Google (56/100)

Another surprise on the list! The world’s largest search engine and web scraper has a score that falls slightly above the mid-point. This score is even more surprising if we have in mind that Google owns reCAPTCHA – a tool for preventing bots from visiting websites.

#4 – Sunčan Dan (78/100)

Sunčan Dan is a Serbian online store that specializes in selling accessories for gardens & backyards. It’s an eCommerce website, so that means bot protection is very important for them. We can only commend them for having such a high score, especially when we have in mind that some much larger corporations have lower scores (as shown in this list). 

#3 – Kogan (AU) (80/10)

We’ve finally come to this list’s top 3! 

The third place is taken by Kogan – an Australian online shopping website where you can buy everything you need for your home and more. A bot protection score of 80 is definitely high and indicates that the website owners are aware of the risks that an unprotected website carries. We can only say that we’re hoping to see them in the 90+ range soon! 

#2 – eMag (RO) (85/100)

With twelve different categories (and numerous subcategories) to choose from, eMag is one of the most diverse eCommerce platforms in Romania. This is also accompanied by a great bot protection score. Congratulations on landing in second place on our Top 10 list! 

#1 – Binglee (AU) (100/100)

And now for our first placed website on February’s list – Binglee! Primarily selling kitchen and home appliances, and consumer electronics Binglee operates both online and offline. The brand has been founded in 1957. This, among many other things, means that they’ve proven to be adaptable. This is especially true when it comes to being aware of the risks that a website with subpar bot protection carries. 

The bot protection score of 100 out of 100 means that bots can barely (if at all) scratch the surface of their website. This also means that their customers need not worry about items suddenly going out of stock or the website being slow. This greatly improves the overall user experience of a visitor. 

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